Human and Physical Geography of Africa

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Human and Physical Geography of Africa by Mind Map: Human and Physical Geography of Africa

1. Physical

1.1. Anything natural that would exist without human life

1.2. Rainbow

1.3. Sun

1.4. Elephant

1.5. Seas and Oceans (although some are Hum and man-made)

2. Human

2.1. Anything related to human life and/or man-made

2.2. House

2.3. Car

2.4. Humans

2.5. Moai

3. Country Facts

3.1. Known as the 'Motherland'

3.2. Home to over 1 billion people

3.3. 1,500 languages are spoken in Africa

3.4. Oldest populated continent

3.5. One of the 7 continents of the World

3.6. Approximately 14.72% of the World's population

4. Culture Facts

4.1. There is a mixture of tribes, all with their own personal characteristics in Africa

4.2. Very diverse

4.3. Music is mixed and styles vary. However, traditional African music usually uses drums and singing

4.4. Eg. Music influenced by the Western Worlds

4.5. Men from the Latuka kidnap the lady that they wish to marry

4.6. Some African's cover themselves in red soil and milk fat to protect them from the sun