Chinese Head Tax

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Chinese Head Tax by Mind Map: Chinese Head Tax

1. Where did this took palce

1.1. Immigration between China and Canada

1.2. Mostly arrived in BC to build the Pacific Railway

2. When did this happen

2.1. 1885-1923

2.2. From 1851

2.2.1. labourers were brought from China to do construction work on the Canadian Pacific Railway

2.3. 1858 Gold Rush

2.3.1. First Major Chinese immgration

2.4. 1923

2.4.1. tax was removed from the Chinese Immigration Act

3. What happened?

3.1. More than 15,000 Chinese Labourers were brought to build the Pacific Railway

3.2. A law was passed the prevent Chinese immigration

3.2.1. It is part of theChinese Immigration Act

3.2.2. Because there were too many Chinese people coming to Canada

3.3. The law made all the Chinese people to pay a Head Tax when they arrive to Canada

3.3.1. They paid 50-100-500, and the amount increases as time goes on

3.3.2. Government of Canada collect about $33 million from 81,000 head tax payers

4. Impacts

4.1. Treaded Chinese people differently than people coming from other countries

4.1.1. they were only paid a third or a half less than their coworkers

4.2. On Chinese Women and Children

4.2.1. They were discouraged to join Canadian mens

4.2.2. Isolated from the society

4.3. Chinese immigration was banned from 1923-1979

5. Official apology and redress

5.1. Apology begans on March 24, 2006

5.2. On June 22, 2006

5.2.1. Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered a apology on the Chinese head tax

5.3. Community meettings

5.4. Gathering support from other groups

5.5. increasing media profile

5.6. Pubished materials

5.7. Making prestation at schools

5.8. compensation for the children of head-tax payers