ADDIE Mindmap

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ADDIE Mindmap by Mind Map: ADDIE Mindmap

1. Analysis

1.1. Needs assessment, defining gaps in knowledge, expected outcomes and prior knowledge. Who are your learners, what resources are available including time

1.2. Action Steps: Interviews with stakeholders, existing material review, delivery of needs assessment

2. Design

2.1. Development of objectives, course content, standards aligned assessments.

2.2. Action Steps: Determine scope and sequence of course, select course delivery mode, choose appropriate tools & methodology for delivery.

3. Development

3.1. Creating course content and assessments, creating space for feedback and interaction. Creating opportunities for learners to have extra practice or to have access to more challenging materials.

3.2. Action Steps: Create course modules and assessments, organize material appropriately, choose format for feedback, test course with small "pilot" group

4. Implementation

4.1. Prepare course facilitators for delivery and ensure materials are organized and ready to be delivered.

4.2. Action Steps: Create a facilitators guide, determine course opening and closing procedures, create opportunities to build class community/culture

5. Evaluation

6. Evaluation

7. Evaluation

7.1. Evaluation is the process of learning at the course & facilitators effectiveness, as well as learning achievement. Evaluation should occur during each stage of ADDIE

7.2. Action Steps: Plan for formative assessment throughout, allow learner/stakeholder feedback and input throughout the course, determine a plan for evaluating long term effectiveness.

8. Evaluation