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Yearn Foundation Initiatives by Mind Map: Yearn Foundation Initiatives
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Yearn Foundation Initiatives

Work Placement and Career Training (post orphanage)

Create job mentoring and shadowing programs

Identify top orphans and coach

Orphan business model

Finance college education

Stop human trafficking

Short-term goals

Long-term goals

Families and Homes

Facilitate and enhance adoption

Educate adopters about orphans

Understand foster home model

Short-term Goals

Long-term goals

Sufficient Material Needs

Identify needs

Raise funds

Deliver goods to orphans

Short-term goals

Long-term goals

Physical and Mental Healthcare

Train medical staff

Implement orphan assessment programs

Introduce vaccines

Short-term goals

Long-term goals

Educated and Prepared for Life (in orphanage)

Improve curriculum

Train teachers

Organize field trips and recreation

Implement life and moral skills

Short-term goals

Long-term goals

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