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Yearn Foundation Initiatives by Mind Map: Yearn Foundation Initiatives
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Yearn Foundation Initiatives

Work Placement and Career Training (post orphanage)

Create job mentoring and shadowing programs

Short-term goals, Research school mentoring programs, bringing mature kids from surrounding schools to come and mentor the orphans (duel benefit)., Research multinationals in the region who might be willing to do internships

Long-term goals, Create internship opportunities for orphans, Create job shadowing opportunities, Computer programs

Identify top orphans and coach

Short-term goals, Research current orphan talent assessment programs

Long-term goals, Help talented orphans

Orphan business model

Short-term goals, Orphanage kiosk, Orphanage Christmas card

Long-term goals, Sell orphan-made goods online to global audience

Finance college education

Short-term goals, Research microloans for students (like to explore how we could do the same for orphans

Long-term goals, Start microlending to deserving orphans to fund their education

Stop human trafficking

Short-term goals, Research current human trafficking issues and initiatives in Russia, especially the far east of Russia

Long-term goals, Train and educate orphans so that they are not susceptible to the coercion of human trafficking ploys, Partner with anti-human trafficking groups

Short-term goals

Understand current legislation

Long-term goals

Develop work placement programs and career training for orphans once they leave orphanages

Families and Homes

Facilitate and enhance adoption

Short-term goals, Research LDSFamilyServices and what they do in Russia, Understand in country adoption

Long-term goals, Profile orphans for possible adoption or foster home activity

Educate adopters about orphans

Short-term goals, Research current adoption

Long-term goals, Create an online community for Russian adopters, Create an online community for returned missionaries to help

Understand foster home model

Short-term goals, Research and understand current options

Long-term goals, Create in-country system

Short-term Goals

Develop credible champions in orphanages and regions of Russia to support

Long-term goals

Strengthen the family

Create online networks and communities to facilitate adoption and adoption help and/or foster homes

Sufficient Material Needs

Identify needs

Short-term goals, Inventory orphanages that fall under our criteria

Long-term goals, Visit Russia each summer to re-assess needs and strengthen relationships

Raise funds

Short-term goals, Corporate sponsorships, Talent showcases, Email campaign, Facebook campaign, Twitter campaign, Physical letterhead and letter to people, Research the tax implications for individuals and companies when donating

Long-term goals, Raise $50,000 in 2010

Deliver goods to orphans

Short-term goals, Empower in-country representatives with marketing material, Train in-country team, Provide for travel and food while on assignment

Long-term goals, Perfect the giving care supply chain; ranging from raising funds to providing goods to measuring impact

Short-term goals

Identify one orphanage that we focus our efforts on

Long-term goals

Build a sustainable relationship with this orphanage so that we can experiment with our other longer-term goals

Physical and Mental Healthcare

Train medical staff

Short-term goals, Research medical staff composition: psychologist, doctor, psychiatrist , social worker, Research how it’s done here in the States

Long-term goals, Funding the hiring of the right staff

Implement orphan assessment programs

Short-term goals, Research tests that are done in orphanages to feel for what orphans have what

Long-term goals, Create a form for orphanages to fill out: orphanage diagnostic

Introduce vaccines

Short-term goals, Research existing vaccine activity

Long-term goals, Supply critical vaccines

Short-term goals

Long-term goals

Create a self-sustainable physical and mental health care system within the orphanage

Educated and Prepared for Life (in orphanage)

Improve curriculum

Short-term goals, Research current research in orphanage, Research other orphanages to learn of what they are doing with curriculum

Long-term goals, Identify internship opportunities for students

Train teachers

Short-term goals, Research teacher composition in orphanages

Long-term goals, Put on Educational conference for current teachers

Organize field trips and recreation

Short-term goals, Research current field trips and activities (summer programs), How do they re-create (sports, facilities, etc.)

Long-term goals, Create a summer program for orphans

Implement life and moral skills

Short-term goals, Research choice skills and evaluate possibility to translate / use in Russia

Long-term goals, Teach life and moral skills in the orphanage

Short-term goals

Long-term goals

Create self-sufficient programs to provide life and moral skills training

Develop microloans for orphans program

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