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ABPB by Mind Map: ABPB

1. Bank for Every Urban Digital Household

2. Guidelines

2.1. Anything goes!

2.2. No criticism or flaming allowed

2.3. The Wilder The Better

2.4. Quantity is Quality

2.5. Set a Time Limit

3. A Bank App to serve banking needs of companies & start ups

3.1. Easy Salary account processing for all employees at one click

3.2. Manage monthly payouts through company master current account login

3.3. Manage expenses with the easy Finance tool & reconcil every quarter

3.4. Expense management simplified with apps & cloud web app

3.5. Vendors, invoices & payment requests made easy with UPI handlers

3.6. Purchase order via UPI request & partial approval

3.7. Operations made easy by tagging of transactions to expense & income and easy generation P&L & account statements from backend smoothly

3.8. Convenience of Debit card with on the fly virtual card generation for specific transactional purpose

3.9. Multiple virtual cards for pre approved expenses

3.10. Manage Accounts & Bank transactions in one cloud app easy for start ups to bank

3.11. Tie up with Accountants and become a recommended banker to companies

4. Bank serving all your day to day needs

5. An open market place for everyone to reach their end consumer

6. Convenience in every journey for all rural

7. The Wallet of Wallets, & The Banks of Banks

8. Bank fulfilling every trader's dream

9. A bank catering to every NRI's remittance & their family needs