Durable team conference

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Durable team conference by Mind Map: Durable team conference

1. When

1.1. 5 day event spaced over a week

1.2. January, after break

1.3. Morning and afternoons with alternating breaks

2. Partners

2.1. HR

2.1.1. Inline with policy

2.1.2. How communicate

2.1.3. Showcase new resourcing model - only hint if not ready

2.1.4. New Compensation model ?

2.2. UX for swag

2.3. Execs for sponsorship and support

3. Advertise, literally !

4. Where

4.1. San Jose

4.2. APAC

4.3. Streamed

5. Brand ideas

5.1. Accelerate

5.1.1. Your delivery

5.1.2. Your learnings

5.1.3. Satisfying your customers

5.2. Adverts

5.2.1. Happiness

5.2.2. Extrodinary

6. Follow UP

6.1. Workshops

6.2. Engagement

6.3. Experiments

7. Inspiration

7.1. Spread the word and create some buzz

7.2. Inspire with stories and experiences

7.3. Timing seems perfect

8. Steps

8.1. 1.Co-organizer

8.1.1. Steering committee

8.1.2. 12 passionate people, to get work done Partners Network, good relationships Topics passionate about Product Engineering Get to startegize Helpers

8.2. 2.Theme

8.2.1. Target audience Durable team members Anyone interested in durable teams

8.2.2. Message

8.2.3. What do you want your attendees to get out of your conference?

8.2.4. Let attendees define what content can be

8.2.5. Leaders - keynotes, establish gravitas

8.3. 3.Find a venue and set a date

8.3.1. Easy to access Easy to find

8.3.2. Affordable

8.3.3. Offer other attractions outside of your eventWhat will your attendees do during breaks and/or after the day's events? What are the weather conditions during that time?

8.3.4. Whole experience - outside space decorated as well, maybe partner for product test lab for experience. Simulations of big room planning events.

8.3.5. Booth spaces Showcase different things Location layout Coaches corner, sign up

8.4. 4.Decide on format

8.4.1. Format Talks Examples Have an open call (aka, a call for papers) Invite people you want Compensation Panel discussions Interview leader Workshops Simulations PI planning simulation Games Sprint ? Poll everywhere Themes Principles and why they matter Benefits tied into enablers in our mission statement PayPal success stories Showcase our new delivery framework Lean practices SWAG Best practices booklet for scrum ceremonies Multiple days - shorter days, theme around key note How define success ? NPS after each session Physical dot voting as walk out of session Get input from Scott on how to do this - Scott to send over Have artist, display learnings Tracks ? Ask for content - slack agile channels

8.5. 4.1 Create schedule

8.6. 5.Get sponsors

8.6.1. it's about finding an individual or group with whom you can establish a deeper, lasting relationship between you, them and your attendees.

8.6.2. Dan or VPs from product, engineering to make an appearance

8.7. 6.Set up ticketing system

8.7.1. Can we do something fun before and during to build anticipation and mark the occasion?

8.8. 7.Marketing

8.8.1. Poster everywhere

8.8.2. Door to door salesman ship - target VPs

8.8.3. Drop in on sprint planning meetings to access teams

8.8.4. Drop in on 3iab meetings

8.8.5. Drop in on staff meetings

8.8.6. Pamflets at trainings

8.8.7. Pamflets at all hands meetings

8.8.8. Start a newsletter, just don't be 'spammy' about it Share the event on social media Ask your sponsors to share the event on social media Have your speakers blog about it Post on other sites, like Lanyrd and LinkedIn

8.8.9. Angela - hook us up with corporate messaging

8.8.10. San jose events newsletter

9. Attendance incentives

9.1. The first 50 or 100 attendees could win a free ‘Early Bird’ book or PayPal Durable or PayPal Agile t-shirts etc. – we could throw in an assorted set of books around lean startup, Agile Estimation, etc. I’ve seen this be wildly successful at Mike Todasco’s innovation speaker events. We could make this event interesting by making the prize random as well – e.g. every 10th attendee gets some swag and the 50th, 100th etc. get special prizes. We could have Agile game booths, run quick ‘quiz shows’ such as Durable or Agile Team jeopardy and have prizes for 10 correct answers – live quizzes etc. to make this like an Agile Carnival!