Sovereign Savage

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Sovereign Savage by Mind Map: Sovereign Savage

1. How I help

1.1. I motivate and hold client accountable

1.2. I teach feminine arts

1.3. I teach energy techniques ( breathing, mudras, chanting

1.4. I give an action plan

1.5. I help client discover their true desires and to not be ashamed to go after or ask for them

2. Unique Spin

2.1. I am a good teacher

2.2. I am highly intuitive and can help my clients go deep into what action they need to take in order to succed

2.3. I combine astrology, spirituality, ritual and magick into personal development along with delving into the shadow/dark side

3. Strengths

3.1. Not afraid of getting on camera

3.2. good listener

3.3. good organizer

3.4. intuitive

3.5. knowledge of astrology and self development

3.6. determined

4. Weaknesses

4.1. I sometimes have too many ideas

4.2. writing copy

4.3. struggle with focus ( working on it)

5. Who I Serve

5.1. Women who want to walk in their power

5.2. Women who want to be financially and sexually free

5.3. Women who are wanting mentor ship, coaching and guidance

6. Why I Care

6.1. I had no one to mentor, teach or encourage me

6.2. The world needs more empowered women

6.3. I want to see women win and walk in their power and not be defeated

7. Personality/Things I Like to do

7.1. chant

7.2. wear crystals in my bra and yoni

7.3. read

7.4. fashion

7.5. makeup

7.6. lift weights

7.7. make oils and tinctures

8. Who I love working with

8.1. Go getters

8.2. motivated

8.3. action takers

9. Values/ Beliefs

9.1. luxury

9.2. ease

9.3. work smarter not harder

9.4. self preservation first