Sickle Cell "Anna Garcia"

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Sickle Cell "Anna Garcia" by Mind Map: Sickle Cell "Anna Garcia"

1. Treatment Benefits

1.1. 1.they make me take antibiotics every single day keep me from getting infections.

1.2. 2.physical therapy is here to help me get out of bed and do some exercises fro more blood flow throughout the body

1.3. 3.medicine is pretty new but that it can actually help me live longer.(hydroxyurea)

1.4. 4.It should make me have fewer pain episodes and keep me from getting acute chest syndrome again

2. Treatment Risk

2.1. 1.Fever

2.2. 2.if I were to get pregnant and have a baby when I’m taking hydroxyurea, there’s a chance the baby would have crazy birth defects.

3. Biomedical Professionals Involved

3.1. 1. Hospital Team(Nurses and Doctor)

3.2. 2.Physical Therapist

3.3. 3.Transcranial Doppler

3.4. 4. orthopedist

3.5. Office of Disability Services

3.6. hematologist

4. Life Concerns

4.1. Having to redo her hip surgery every ten years

4.2. Without proper medication the sickle can block her blood flow so badly she dies

5. Symptoms

5.1. 1.chest pain is really deep, making it hard to breathe

5.2. 2. leg is throbbing so much that it even hurts when rubbed on.

5.3. 3. I’ve been having so many pain crises this past year..

5.4. 4.sickle cells were blocking blood flow to my lungs and I was having a lot of trouble breathing

5.5. 5.weird yellowish eyes from my sickle cell

5.6. 6.the bone is dying (causing my joints to collapse) because the main artery that supplies the blood to the bone has been blocked again and again by the sickle cells

6. Problems Stated

6.1. 1.take my pills, take a warm bath, rest…but nothing worked

6.2. 2.I know is that it makes me kinda nauseous and tired, which they say is pretty coomon

6.3. 3.making my hair fall out (hydroxyurea)

6.4. physical therapy appointments (which can be pretty torturous if I do say so myself)

6.5. 5.t’s SO difficult getting around campus.

6.5.1. its hard to focus in a class when all you can focus on is the throbbing in your leg.