Precision Ag // Sust Dev

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Precision Ag // Sust Dev by Mind Map: Precision Ag // Sust Dev

1. Top/Background Framework

1.1. Background

1.1.1. Fourth Industrial Revolution Big Data / AI

1.1.2. UN Sustainable Development Goals

1.1.3. Modern Agriculture and Technologies/Green Revolution Food Waste? Global AgTech Investment

1.2. Framing Q: In what ways does new technology adoption further or inhibit sustainable development?

1.3. Thesis

1.4. Situated Context

1.4.1. California Current Economic State of Agriculture Labor Technology Culture and Influence Data security Water Scarcity, Ag Runoff Climate Change

1.4.2. India Huge Agricultural Worker Population Labor Resistance to Technology Food Security Climate Change

1.5. Key Actors

1.5.1. California Farmers, Laborers, Agribusinesses, Start-Ups (Both precision tech and data software), USDA

1.5.2. India Famers, Laborers, Start-Ups

2. Middle/Research

2.1. Focus Q

2.1.1. To what extent have precision agriculture technologies been successful in achieving sustainable development goals in California and India?

2.2. Methodology

2.2.1. California Discourse Analysis of Testimonials Data? on water scarcity, ag runoff, labor, economic impacts

2.2.2. India Discourse Analysis of Testimonials? Ethnography Analysis?

2.3. Results

2.3.1. Chart of Relevant Findings Effects on: Labor, Food Security, Economic Stability, Water Scarcity, Runoff

2.4. Analysis

2.4.1. Comparison of Contexts For what sustainable development goals is Precision Ag successful tool? What factors lead to successful adoption and meeting of goals?

3. Bottom/Conclusions

3.1. Comparison of Results

3.1.1. Data Security

3.1.2. Equity Concerns

3.2. Framing Q Application

3.3. Next Steps

3.4. Further Research