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Brand Map by Mind Map: Brand Map

1. Strengths

1.1. great listener

1.2. very creative

1.3. highly organized

1.4. inspiring teacher

2. Weaknesses

2.1. always "on" - challenging to turn off sometimes (it's why I meditate)

2.2. completing things (a great starter!)

2.3. consistency and structure

3. Values/beliefs

3.1. integrity and being considerate of others

3.2. love and compassion

3.3. healing ourselves and helping others

3.4. life is magical

3.5. less is more, quality over quantity, simplicity shines

4. Personality/things I like to do

4.1. creativity, expression

4.2. self help/healing/spirituality/magic

4.3. activism, social justice, consciousness

4.4. animals, nature

5. who I love working with

5.1. creative

5.2. spiritual

5.3. open minded

5.4. entrepreneurs wanting to help others

5.5. those really ready to clear, create, elevate

6. why I care

6.1. I've seen what happens when we hold on and don't let go (the pain, of being stuck to something that doesn't serve us)

6.2. passionate and committed! there's clarity and truth within us, we just need to access it, it's always there

6.3. we are capable of so much

7. who I serve

7.1. single or questioning women 26-46 who are at a crossroads in life (home, career, relationship) and are ready to clear, create, elevate, to be a better version of themselves, enjoy life and help others

8. unique spin

8.1. left AND right brain

8.2. practical/logistical/planner AND creative/spiritual/intuitive

8.3. clear to create AND create to clear

8.4. beyond balance-->flow and alchemy

8.5. make it fun and light. know when to go deep or be serious. honoring all aspects of ourselves, including the shadow

9. how I can help

9.1. I've been clearing clutter for so many years I've come to see what's beneath and beyond it and can truly help people connect release, receive, transform. as a journey, way of life, that they come to love.