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Halloween by Mind Map: Halloween

1. Original halloween activities

1.1. 16th century

1.1.1. Disguise yourself and go from house to house to sing a song.

1.2. 18th century

1.2.1. Playing pranks

2. Scottish and Irish influence

2.1. marking the end of the harvest season.

2.2. All Hallow's Eve

2.3. The dead came back to visit.

3. Fortune telling

3.1. eating a barmbrack with a ring and a coin in it.

3.2. Special rituals to tell someone's future.

4. North America

4.1. 19th century

4.1.1. The irish and Scottish immigrated to North America.

4.2. 1930's

4.2.1. Children went trick-or-treating wearing costumes.

4.2.2. houses were decorated with jack-o-lanterns.

4.2.3. Pumpkins where used because it is bigger and easier to curve.

4.2.4. Halloween-themed haunted houses began to appear

5. Important holiday

5.1. Major holiday in North America.

5.2. Americans are estimated to spend 9.1 billion dollar at Halloween.