Review debator profile, first complete habit planning mindmap

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Review debator profile, first complete habit planning mindmap by Mind Map: Review debator profile, first complete habit planning mindmap

1. Knowing your strength's and weaknesses is great

1.1. Strength's

1.1.1. In search of a puzzle to solve Scientific Technological social

1.1.2. ok with uncertainty

1.1.3. great on improvising

1.1.4. ability to get completely emmersed in a idea and focus their mental reasources on a single problem it only gets better as debators grow and develop

1.1.5. excellent system engineer's, troubleshooters, idea generator's

1.1.6. nothing motivates them more than complex, challenging problems,

1.2. Weaknesses

1.2.1. insatiably curious and euthusiastic

1.2.2. rush into projects lack proper preperation

1.2.3. fail to fully prepare- NO ROUGH DRAFTS

1.2.4. especially when project becomes more complicated than orginally it seemed.

2. Leverage Strength's and weaknesses


2.2. Learn to balance preperation and the desire to jump right in

2.2.1. when you want to switch tracks to a new idea: Answer this first: 1. Is there rational justification for it? or am I bored?

2.3. To be the best you, you must learn to excerise self restraint

2.3.1. train your mind to seek and want more than a rough outline of any idea, ROUGH DRAFTS will fail you!!!

2.3.2. NO ACTION PERIOD without a though detailed plan outlining main objectives and how to get there, Prioritize and eliminate unessary things as you move to accomplish

2.4. Great at looking into certain fields with analytical mind:

2.4.1. Now use the same mind to Enhance your relationship Change your habits, find new systems for yourself Use same due diligance to personal goals more time with family getting Ayden back not having to work for someone else stronger relationship with Amber

2.5. you need to self reflect and analyize your own motives, very important for personal goals

2.5.1. bi weekly analyze your motives

2.5.2. decisions

2.5.3. mistakes

2.5.4. keep a journal and learn from them

2.6. serval hobby projects to keep your mind entertained

2.6.1. finacially independent

2.6.2. technological business

2.6.3. financial investing

2.6.4. exploration, travel

2.6.5. raising and understanding people and myself

2.6.6. creation of good habits

2.7. harness ability to commincate and to articulate communication of complex idea's

2.8. YOU MUST learn to relax and enjoy simple things in life, pleasures

2.9. begin communicating how you feel with Amber, and present guidelines to how she responds

2.9.1. you want to share your thought's , but request that she not respond, directly, when im sharing or after, think and come back to them later. I will close down if my thought's are discarded, or i feel they are, even if they aren't

2.10. only focus on one project at a time, period

2.11. Don't create set steps, in which things are done, realize you jump around, but keep it in check.

2.12. Gensis is 1% inspiration - 99% prespiration

2.12.1. keep mind on track

2.13. be a growth oriented debator

2.13.1. When going into uncharted territory, don't try to have a 100% plan take small initial steps to understand it better, and then regroup and come back to a planning stage after you have ventured in multiple times

3. Things for success

3.1. manage your own ego

3.2. set personal goals

3.3. do not overthink everything

3.4. people actions can not always be explained with rational thought's or arguments

3.4.1. this is very important!!