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Spy 1.0 by Mind Map: Spy 1.0

1. Spyfall

2. Visual Style

2.1. World (terrain,architecture)

2.1.1. The terrain will be very dull and dark as the player will be traversing down narrow and dark corridors with mostly grey or black walls which will help the players focus as bright colours will become distracting. There will fights outside sometimes but most of the terrain consists of factory buildings.

2.2. Playable and Non Playable Characters

2.2.1. The playable characters will be able to be customized but the player of the game will control one character throughout the whole game but there will be many NPC's that are either enemies or enemy bosses.

2.3. Feedback interface

2.3.1. The game will have 4 buttons on the right side which will include crouch, roll, jump and a joystick that only moves left or right which will move the player and this will allow me to add a list of icons down the left side of the screen that opens when the player presses on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner which will be useful as the player will be able to change weapons and much more through the mini menu. There will also be an ammo amount and weapon type interface in the bottom left corner which will show the player the amount of ammo and the weapon that they currently have.

2.4. Perspectives (2D, first person or third person

2.4.1. The game will be mainly 2D whereby the player can look from far away camera angle which will allow the player to view the character from the side which will be better as they are able to see more and the game wont be as laggy and advanced as a 3D game.

2.5. FMV

2.5.1. There will be short animated FMVs every time that the player enters a new mission and when a boss fight will commence which will add more detail to the game.

3. Gameplay

3.1. Single/Multiplayer

3.1.1. This game will be a single player game whereby the player runs through corridors and focus is very important within this game as enemies fly out of doorways and fire at the player.

3.2. Narrative

3.2.1. The player plays as a British spy that has to gather information by going on missions to different places to either assassinate a person or steal vital information etc. This game will mainly be corridor based whereby the player runs through corridors and enters a variety of rooms which allows them to upgrade their weapons and also gather information which will let them continue through the game.

3.3. Interaction Model

3.3.1. The interaction model will consist of a male or female that starts with stereotypical spy outfit that consists of a belt to hold guns and grenades etc. The interaction model will also be customization by the player (hair colour, face shape and size etc.)

3.4. Goals and Challenges

3.4.1. The goal for the game is to go to around 20 facilities and collecting information from each place or assassinating a leader or important figure within illegal crimes or mafias etc. After the player has completed each mission they are given coins, a special item (weapon part, piece of clothing or new custom eye or hair colours etc. There is also a leveling system whereby players can unlock new guns or armor etc.

3.5. Rewards

3.5.1. The in game rewards consist of customization items that either change the characters eye colours, hair colours, masks or gun skins etc. The character will also receive coins when finishing the missions which can be spent on in game items as well. Weapon parts will also be purchasable within the game which includes scopes, attachments or grips which will improve the players damage and accuracy etc.

3.6. Rules

3.6.1. The game will restrict the player to stay running in one straight line but there will be different paths that the player can take to either lead to secret rooms within the mission which could either reward the player with weapons or coins etc. but will slow the player down and they may become off route. The player will also have to reload the weapon after 30 shots and also the player will have to search the dead enemies for ammo and possible loot.

3.7. Difficulty

3.7.1. The game will be fairly easy at the start but the enemies will increase in numbers and will deal more damage as the player levels up. There will also be bosses within the final mission in each place which will either be the leader of the gang or a hoard of enemies which will have one massive health bar. So this ensures that players are always updating their weapons with scopes and attachments to keep up with the enemies.

3.8. Game Mechanics

3.8.1. The mechanics will include walking down corridors from a 2D view and will allow the player to roll using a button, run using an onscreen button and crouch using an online button. There will also be a shoot button and the player will have to crouch and jump to dodge incoming bullets and rockets etc.

3.9. Balance

3.9.1. The game will be easy enough for new players at the beginning as a tutorial will be used to show players how to crouch, jump and roll which will be the defense against the enemies. The players main job is too shoot at enemies without being hit which will become harder late game as the enemies will do more damage and will have better weapons but the player will also have this as well.

4. Similar Games

4.1. Hitman - Sniper

4.2. Assassins Creed

4.3. Stickman Assassin

4.4. Ninja Samurai

4.5. Contract Killer

5. Genre

5.1. Adventure, Plat former & Action

6. Temporal

6.1. Time period

6.1.1. The time period will be modern day with modern weapons and modern buildings which will add to the spy aspect of the game as modern spy's are able to have better guns and better outfits etc.

6.2. Clothing

6.2.1. The clothing worn by the enemies and the playable character will vary based on the mission or difficulty, for example when the player first plays the game nearly all enemies and the playable character will be wearing basic clothing. But as the game progresses the player will gain more high tech clothing and their abilities will improve , for example the enemies will have either more protective clothing (helmets, armor or face protection) which will increase the difficulty. The playable character will also have very unique clothing as the game progresses, for example jet packs or armor etc.

6.3. Temporal architecture

6.3.1. The architecture of this game would consist of drug labs, corridors and office rooms. The temporal architecture would also consist of fairly futuristic buildings which will be fairly similar to today's buildings and clothing etc. and this will allow the game to look more appealing than older and boring buildings.