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Ir + a +Infinitive (Future Tense) by Mind Map: Ir + a +Infinitive (Future Tense)
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Ir + a +Infinitive (Future Tense)

The nosotros form of Ir (vamos) can also mean "Let's..!" The meaning will depend on the speaker's tone. Example: ¡Vamos a la playa! Meaning 1: We're going to the beach! Meaning 2: Let's go to the beach!

Examples: 1) Voy a llevar a mi hermana a su casa. 2) Vas a hacer tu tarea. 3)Natalia y yo vamos a hablar con mi mamá. 4) Juan va a leer el libro.

This expression combines the verb ir (conjugated) with an infinitive. The preposition "a" is always used.

ir a + infinitive = to be going to do something

To conjugate the verb ir: voy vas va vamos vais van