Lyme disease treatment methoods

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Lyme disease treatment methoods by Mind Map: Lyme disease treatment methoods

1. Tools

1.1. PEMF treatment

1.2. Laser

1.3. LED

1.4. Rife machine

1.5. Ozone blood treatment

2. Diet

2.1. General things TO AVOID

2.1.1. No suggar

2.1.2. No gluten

2.1.3. No Lactose

2.1.4. Stay away from infectious food

2.1.5. No GMO foods

2.1.6. Foods with additives

2.1.7. Alcohol

2.1.8. Farmed fish Can contain heavy metals, dioxins and PCB’s which are highly toxic.

2.1.9. Food allergens If your body is fighting against common allergens, it will not be able to detoxify from heavy metal poisoning.

2.2. General things to do

2.2.1. Only eat Organic Especially to stay away from food treated with antibiotics

2.2.2. Variety is the key to getting a wide range of nutrients through salads. The more colorful fruits and vegetables you eat each day, the more nutrients and minerals Salads should be a combination of as many different types of vegitables as possible, aim for a combination of 10. Less important vegetables

2.3. Juicing

2.4. Paleo

2.5. Feast

2.6. Parasite Cleanse Diet

2.6.1. A parasite cleanse can be one of the more intense cleanses, and takes adequate preparation before attempting. The cleanse itself takes roughly 4-8 weeks, and can be performed 1-2 times a year.

2.6.2. Website Parasite Cleanse | Holistic & Spiritual Counseling Holistic & Spiritual Counseling

3. Medication

3.1. Antibiotics

3.2. We are not focusing on medication in this mindmap but rather the many alternative methoods

4. Natural remedies / Alternative medicine

4.1. Pau D'arco Tea

4.1.1. tea

4.1.2. Plus / Prons anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal agent, has been shown to be effective against candida

4.1.3. Minus / Cons

4.2. Olive Leaf aka Olive leaf extract

4.2.1. Plus / Prons

4.2.2. Minus / Cons

4.3. Astragulas Root

4.3.1. Plus / Prons Astragalus herb has been traditionally used for strengthening the immune system and helping prevent bacterial and viral infections.

4.3.2. Minus / Cons

4.4. Colagen 2

4.4.1. Plus / Prons

4.4.2. Minus / Cons

4.5. Zinc

4.5.1. Plus / Prons

4.5.2. Minus / Cons

4.6. Sarasparilla Root

4.7. Colloidal silver

4.8. Cats Claw

4.8.1. AKA

4.9. Serrapeptace

4.10. Andrographis

4.10.1. AKA Green chiretta

4.11. Warmwood

4.11.1. Plus / Prons It's best used in dried form, which contains little, if any, thujone

4.11.2. Minus / Cons

4.11.3. Video

4.11.4. Website

4.12. Chroella

4.12.1. Plus / Prons detoxification properties to help eliminate mercury and other toxic pollutants from your body. Toxin build-up is common in people with chronic Lyme disease, due to the fact that Lyme can compromise the body's detoxification

4.12.2. Minus / Cons

4.12.3. Video

4.12.4. Website

4.13. St. John's Wort

4.13.1. Plus / Prons May help some types of depression, similar to treatment with standard prescription antidepressants, but the evidence is not definitive.

4.13.2. Minus / Cons Combining St. John’s wort with certain antidepressants can lead to a potentially life-threatening increase of serotonin, a brain chemical targeted by antidepressants. St. John’s wort can also limit the effectiveness of many prescription medicines. Psychosis is a rare but possible side effect of taking St. John’s wort.

4.14. Liquorice

4.15. Echinacea Root

4.16. Systematic ensymes

4.17. Oregon Grape Root

4.18. L-Lysine

5. Cleansing and detoxification

5.1. Shillington intestinal cleanse

5.2. Cleansing heavy metals

5.2.1. Website Heavy Metal Detox - Top 5 Foods that Detox Heavy Metals and Toxins – With Protocol

5.2.2. Ingredients Chlorella Spirulina Garlic Cilantro Wheatgrass

5.2.3. Plus / Prons Helps against Chronic fatigue Autoimmune disease Neurological disorders Insomnia Brain Fog Dementia Depression, Bi-polar and Anxiety

5.2.4. Minus / Cons

5.3. Cranberry stevia lemonade

5.3.1. Plus / Prons

5.3.2. Minus / Cons

5.3.3. Website How to rid the body of Lyme disease naturally

5.3.4. Ingrediences Filtered water Liquid stevia Liquid cayene pepper Lemons

6. Template

6.1. Plus / Prons

6.2. Minus / Cons

6.3. Video

6.4. Website

7. Herbal treatments

7.1. CIFT protocol

7.1.1. Take each blend for 2-3 months and then move over to the next blend

7.1.2. First period Mariatistel + parazomin + central fog

7.1.3. Second period parazomin + central fog + easy free wonderer

7.1.4. Fourth period mc bar 1 + distal fog + wood sap + easy free wonder

7.1.5. Fifth period mc bar + IMN -v-2 + distal fog + wood sap + easy free wonder

7.1.6. Sixth period IMN-v-2- + Parazomin + distal fog + easy free wonder

7.1.7. Ny sida - S.H.U. Snöflingan Hälsa & Utbildning AB

7.2. Cowdens protocol

7.2.1. Video The Cowden Support Program | A natural treatment for Lyme Disease

7.2.2. Website


7.3.1. Plus / Prons

7.3.2. Minus / Cons

7.3.3. Video

7.3.4. Website Make Well | Make Well Nutritionals GmbH

7.3.5. DTC Chlorella pyrenoides Stinging nettle extract Blueberry extract Cranberry extract Ligonberries...

7.3.6. TBB Polyporus mycelia extract Andrographis paniculata extract Artemisia annua extract OPC extrac

7.3.7. APP artemisia annua, monolaurin, rosemary and black pepper Artemisia annua Monolaurin powder Rosemary extract Black pepper extract

8. General

8.1. The first step to cure Lyme is to heal the gut, balance the gut flora and rebuild the imune system.

8.2. Why you currently have not been able to get rid of your Lyme disease

8.2.1. 10 Reasons You Can’t get Rid of Lyme Disease, Parasites, Candida and other Co-infections

8.3. Daily routine

8.3.1. Salad 10 different vegetabbles and 5 different herbs always include Spenech Colar greens Spring mix Dandeloin Leaks Red union Red cabage Red bell pepper Rain baw chard Beet greens Greated beetroot Greated carrots Greated zuchini Cucumber Silantro Pomegrate seads Raisins Sesame seeds Avocado

8.3.2. Breathing Minimum 20 minutes deep breathing techniques per day

8.3.3. Filtered water Filter the tap water using a filter can from the brand that fits you

9. Further investigate

10. Exercises

10.1. Its important to boost the circulation in your body by doing a light exercise, find the routine that fit your situation