CCNP Switch

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CCNP Switch by Mind Map: CCNP Switch

1. Configure and Verify Access Control Lists


2. VTPv1 , VTPv2, VTPv3, VTP Pruning

2.1. VTPv3 Supports Extended VLANs

2.2. VTPv1 Is Default

2.3. VTPv2

3. Switch

3.1. Layer 2 Technologies

3.1.1. Configure and Verify Switch Administration SDM Templates Managing MAC address table Troubleshoot Err-Disable recovery

3.1.2. Configure and Verify Layer 2 Protocols CDP, LLDP UDLD Aggressive

3.1.3. Configure and Verify VLANs Access Ports VLAN Database Normal, Extended VLAN, Voice VLAN

3.1.4. Configure and Verify Trunking dot1q IEEE Standard ISL Cisco Prioprietary Native VLAN Untagged

3.1.5. Configure and Verify Etherchannels Manual Pruning switchport trunk allowed vlan x,xx,xxx LACP, PAgP, manual Etherchannel Misconfiguration Guide Layer 2, Layer 3 Load Balancing

3.1.6. PortFast, BPDUGuard, BPDUFilter

3.1.7. Configure and Verify Spanning Tree PVST+, RPVST+, MST Switch Priority, Port Priority, Path Cost, STP Timers LoopGuard and RootGuard

3.1.8. Configure and Verify other LAN switching technologies SPAN, RSPAN

3.1.9. Describe Chassis Virtualization and Aggregation Technologies Stackwise, VSS, SSO, VSL

3.1.10. Configure and Verify AAA Technologies TACACS+, RADIUS, 802.1x