Aspiring Athletes Family Mentoring Program Library

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Aspiring Athletes Family Mentoring Program Library by Mind Map: Aspiring Athletes Family   Mentoring Program Library

1. Parental Tips for Support

1.1. Dont be a fan be a parent

1.2. Parental Jargon the silent killer

1.3. Process Thinking instead of result thinking

1.4. How should athletes eat?

1.5. Stretching for athletes

1.6. Rest,train & play regimen

1.7. Enjoy the moments not the sport

1.8. Game time is their time not yours

1.9. Crowd Parenting

1.10. Is it your dream or theirs?

1.11. Do they study the sport?

1.12. How to be a good teammate

1.13. How the fall differs from the summer

1.14. How to prepare for High School Tryouts

1.15. Why you should play up when you can

1.16. Athletic Insanity

1.17. R.A.C

2. Major Rules and Regulations you need to know for your student athlete

2.1. NCAA Division 1

2.2. NCAA Div 2

2.3. NCAA DIv 3


2.5. NCAA Juco

3. College Placement Course

3.1. 5 major deciding factors

3.2. Inside vs Outside Work of college marketing

3.3. Applying for Grants & Financial Aid

3.4. How to develop a marketing plan

3.5. How to handle your recruiting visit

3.6. How to handle a college coach recruiting call

3.7. Best ways to make your final decision

3.8. Creative ways to find out whats really going on at that school

3.9. How to study the roster of a college team

3.10. You dropped them what?

3.11. Juco is not for dummies

3.12. Reality of Playing Div 1 vs Other levels

3.13. Athletic Insanity

3.14. Are you really getting recruited?

3.15. Fitting into the box

3.16. Work inside before you market yourself

4. Travel Club Course

4.1. How to determine if your ready for travel ball

4.2. What you can expect for cost

4.3. Coaching needs you want to look for depending on what type of player you have

4.4. How to handle tryouts and what to look for

4.5. How does travel help or hurt you?

4.6. No magic events

4.7. Playing time is none of your business

4.8. Quitting is habit not a mistake

4.9. Multi level teams inside an age group

4.10. T-shirt vs Academy style baseball

4.11. Daddy ball organizations

4.12. Nobody cares about your trophies but you

4.13. Be a process player not a result driven player

4.14. Fitting in the box of playing baseball

4.15. What are you taking with you after the season?

4.16. Set Goals or Forget About it!

5. How to handle Showcases

5.1. What can you expect?

5.2. Are you ready for this?

5.3. How to best prepare for the event

5.4. What is a good event?

5.5. Following the heard can be expensive

5.6. What your athlete should be doing at all showcase events

5.7. Parents talking to coaches

5.8. Know your measurables

5.9. Athletes talking to coaches at the event

5.10. Show off or go home

5.11. Truth About Showcases