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1. Saying thank you

1.1. Armando Many thank for helping with the conterence, I’m very sorry that so lew people came on Saturday, let’s not organise the final sesión in the meddle of a public holiday next year. Anyway let’s hope we have better luck in La Union Take care Maria

2. An Invitacion

2.1. Hi Alexander I would like to invite you to be our guest at the Brazilian Grand Prix in March, the event is being held at interlagos and we would like you to join us for lunch at the track and for an evening dinner in Sao Paulo. Let’s know if you can atternd. Look forward to hearing fron you . Best Regards Jonathan

3. Accepting an invitation

3.1. Dear Daniel Thanks for the invitation, I’d love to come and I look forward to seeing you then Please send me datails of the event whent you have them. Best Regards Mauricio

4. Declining an invitation

4.1. Dear Barbara Many thanks for you kind invitation to attend your wedding. Unfortunately, I will be in Germany that day and I will not be able to do it. I hope you do well, I'll see you soon Good luck and many congratulations. With the best wishes Angel

5. A firt contact

5.1. Dear Mr Gutierrez Your training manager, Piotr Murawsha, has asked me to write toi you about organising professional languaje training for your company either in Poland and/or in the UK. I will call you at end of the week but, in the meantime, if you have any queries, please call me on 78985 or sensd me an email. Your sincerly Lourdes Presa

6. A formal message

6.1. Dear Miss Parada I am writing to inform you and your staff that we are relocating our offices to plaza Blue , We will close on 12 November and will reopen in our new promises on 03 Desember We will contact you again in the near future Best regardts

7. Everyday matters

7.1. Hi Guadalupe Hope your’re feeling better. I Heard from Laura that you had flu. I am sorry to say that I have a problem next week. Tina’s on holiday and I have to cover for her so I won’t be able to see you on Thurday. I’ll call you later and we can arrange An alternative date. Speak to you later Roberto

8. A Future meeting

8.1. Monica It good to see you again last week. Let me know when you’re next going to be in San Miguel and we’ll arrange a night out. There are some excellent restaurants here. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Rudi