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Water Cycle by Mind Map: Water Cycle

1. Processes

1.1. Evaporation

1.1.1. Water (Liquid) gains heat and becomes water vapour (Gas)

1.2. condensation

1.2.1. Water vapour (Gas) loses heat and condenses into water (Liquid)

1.3. melting

1.3.1. Ice (Solid) gains heat and melts into water (Liquid)

1.4. freezing

1.4.1. Water (Liquid) loses heat and freezes into ice (Solid)

1.5. Boiling

1.5.1. Water in the liquid state changes to the gas state when it is heated. When water is heated, it gains heat and the temperature increases. When the temperature of the water reaches 100'C, water changes into the steam.

2. How do you evaporate water

2.1. You put water on a hot surface

3. States of Matter

3.1. Soild

3.1.1. Solid is a hard object

3.2. Liquid

3.2.1. Liquid is water

3.3. Water cycle

3.4. Gas

3.4.1. Gas is like steam

4. How do states changes states?

4.1. When solid is heat up, the solid state turn into the liquid state.

4.2. When liquid is heat up, the liquid state turn into the gas state.

4.3. When gas is condensed, the gas state turn into the liquid state.

4.4. When the liquid state condensed, the liquid state turn into solid state.

5. Mr Long's Comments

5.1. Nice work.

5.2. Suggestions for improvement

5.2.1. Can you include a graphic?