The Study of Language Functions

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The Study of Language Functions by Mind Map: The Study of Language Functions

1. Basic Language Functions

1.1. Words, sounds, morphemes, phonemes, sentences, parts of speech, sentence order, sentence structures, and vocabulary

1.2. Instrumental ,Personal Social, relationship

2. Pre-operational and Concrete Levels of Thinking

2.1. Social Development

2.1.1. Behaviour and verbal expressions

2.2. Cognitive Development

2.2.1. able to extend the meaning of the basic semantic relationships of agents, actions and objects in social situations.

3. Expanded Language Functions.

3.1. The child says a statement according to its capacity of meaning of the world in relation to him.

3.1.1. Function of the language in terms of the social and cognitive part, to assign meaning.

3.2. Relationship to his or her own environment

3.2.1. Semantic meaning with each experience Express a variety of intentions with simple utterances paired with non-verbal acts

4. Extended Language Functions

4.1. Displacement, semanticity, flexibility, productivity, and redundancy.

5. Semantic Relationships for Learning to Think.

5.1. Consists of the meaning of those relationships about people, their actions, and their objects within a context or setting.

5.1.1. agent + action + object

6. Grammatic functions

6.1. Semantics, syntactic and pragmatics functions