05/30 - Environment and the Contexts of School

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05/30 - Environment and the Contexts of School by Mind Map: 05/30 - Environment and the Contexts of School

1. Prac Review

1.1. Describe the school from the point of view of an observer?

1.1.1. Looked like a mess

1.1.2. Uniform not uniform

1.1.3. ageing buildings

1.1.4. Peeling paint

1.2. What image of itself does the school project - Intentionally and unintentionally

1.2.1. Clean

1.2.2. Good facilities

1.2.3. Students Ensure a high standard of behaviour Attend classes on time Ensure class code of conduct occurs

1.3. What values does the school promote - both in theory and in practice

1.3.1. Theory World class Good classroom management procedures

1.3.2. Practice ICT Rich Do your best Measured with GPA

1.4. From your observations, how closely does the school's 'reality' match its website?

1.4.1. Website Promotes world class education provider ICT rich enviornment Programs of excellence Meaningful progressive

1.4.2. Reality Poor performing Less than state average

1.5. In this school, what factors work together to promote learning - both formal/intended learning and informal/incidental/unintended learning?

1.5.1. Formal Classes Good resources Netbooks Projectors Good teaching practice VET/VCAL

1.5.2. Informal Radio station

1.6. What is teachers' work like (for the teachers) in this school? How might this differ from the work of teachers in other schools?

1.6.1. Been made harder

1.6.2. Teachers had to chase up assignments

1.6.3. Work with SIMS

1.7. Metaphor

1.7.1. The school is a zoo