Cyber Security

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Cyber Security by Mind Map: Cyber Security

1. Job Description

1.1. Information Security Analyst

1.1.1. Analyse Security Systems and Assurance

1.2. Cyber Security Network

1.2.1. Monitor Networks and defend against threats and unauthorized users

1.3. Information Technician

1.3.1. Maintain Communications and Computer Systems

2. Work Conditions

2.1. All are indoor Desk Job

3. Job Requirements

3.1. On the Job Training (OJT)

3.1.1. No OJT required

3.2. Education

3.2.1. Bachelors Degree Required Cyber Secruity Data Networking Information Assurance Computer Science Any Relative Computer science degree

3.3. Job Experience

3.3.1. Less Than 5 Years

4. Potential Salary

4.1. Median Salary (BLS.Gov)

4.1.1. 92,000 Yearly

4.1.2. 42.45 Hourly

5. Career Opportunities

5.1. Growing Field

5.1.1. BLS estimates 28,000 increase by end of 2017

5.1.2. Currently Estimated 100,000 Jobs in 2016

6. Topic Sentence: The career path that I have chosen it pursuing a degree in Cyber Security and become a Information Security Analyst

6.1. What does my potential job security? How can I be sure that there will be any jobs available by the time i finish my degree?

6.1.1. I might need a more detailed study of graph that studies the trends for increase in this field Perhaps another scholarly journal specific to study on the advances of tecnology The BLS Website might have a graph or have a link to another website that might have that information.

6.2. Are there other jobs that i can apply my degree in cyber security to? Or am I limited to what i can do.

6.2.1. The world of cybernetics is increasing exponentially and is surely to have a large number of job opportunities. Find Scholarly Journals discussing the increasing number of jobs in this field Include a journal with the increasing need for security in the world of computer technology.

6.3. What does a typical day in the life of a security analyst look like?

6.3.1. The job is obviously oriented around computers, but are the only things that you work on going to be computers or is there something related to the servers that you have to work on as well? For both of this an interview might help

6.3.2. Besides the obvious computer work involved is there any opportunity to travel for work or am i going to be confined to area of my desk Find something that lists the job description and opportunities

6.4. What are the training and education requirements for becoming an Information Security analyst

6.4.1. As a more technical job there is sure to be a requirement for a higher level of education and some sort of experience in the field The BLS website should have the basic information for some of the job requirements There may be additional requirements that the BLS website does not list, Use an interview or a first hand account to see some of the things that would make me more competitive in the field and more valuable.