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05/30 - Assessment and Reporting by Mind Map: 05/30 - Assessment and Reporting
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05/30 - Assessment and Reporting


Written reports

Jargon should be avoided

Scoring formats need to be easily understood

Needs to be prompt

Reporting Types

Norm Referenced

Criterion Referenced

Outcome Referenced


Improve student performance

Requires clarity of purpose, goals, standards and criteria

Needs to be valid

Is fair

is Student Centered

Should use teacher judgement

Is Time efficient and manageable

Recognises individual achievement and progress

Involves a whole school approach

Actively involves parents

Conveys Meaningful and useful information

Involves feedback and reflection

Works best when it is ongoing and episodic

Formative Assessment

Summative Assessment

Assessment Planning

Good mix of formative and summative

Reflection on what constitutes good classroom assessment

Knowledge of national testing

Assessment Programs


Best Start



NSW Reporting