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Anglo-Saxons by Mind Map: Anglo-Saxons


1.1. They were originally situated in the countries that now are Estonia Latvia Lithuania

1.2. But when the Romans leave the Britania, they went there and conquered it, pushing the scots into the north and the Romanised Celts into the west coast

1.3. Movements off Angles, Saxons and Jutes


2.1. After the Romans' left, in 410 AD theese populations invaded the britand and conquered it in the 5th century

3. WHO

3.1. they were an union of three populations

3.1.1. Angle

3.1.2. Saxons

3.1.3. Jutes


4.1. They were mainly farmers or fishermen, who were also organised in "clans", for theese clans the most important things were loyalty to their king and tribe

5. WHY

5.1. The lands where they were, had really adverse weather conditions and flood

5.2. So they moved to the Britania, they called it England (which means Angle-Lands), because

5.2.1. There wasn't the Roman army

5.2.2. It is a fertile land

5.2.3. It was safier