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Bees by Mind Map: Bees

1. Social Studies

1.1. Flower Shop

1.2. Discuss: What are bees jobs?

2. Math

2.1. Count how many legs a bee has

2.2. sorting bugs:color and type

2.3. Flower Shop

3. Art

3.1. Handprint Bumblebee

3.2. Create beehive w/various materials

4. Science

4.1. Observe a flower

4.2. Observe a honey comb

4.3. Where does honey come from?

5. Literacy

5.1. Read "The Very Greedy Bee"

5.2. Retell/Tell story using bumblebee felt items

5.3. Review vocabulary: bee, honey comb, beehive, stem, petal, pollen, leaf

5.4. Review what you learned about bees

6. Writing

6.1. Make a bee; dictate story about a bee

6.2. Draw what you learned about bees

7. Physical

7.1. Pretend to be a bee