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05/31 - Classroom Management by Mind Map: 05/31 - Classroom Management
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05/31 - Classroom Management

Behaviours of Concern

My Behaviour

Student ignoring me during class

How often, Every second class

8 Behaviours of Concern

Not settling at start of lesson, The Behaviour, Talking, Taking a while to get equipment organised, It's Purpose, To be social, It's Causes, Students haven't seen each other in a while, Breaking routine, Exciting, Natural Behaviour, Solutions, What you want, Try to Replace the behaviour, Chatter to on task behaviours, Strategy, Class Blog, Eye contact, names, Review previous concepts, Routines, Have a starting point, discuss with students, What's needed, Teacher needs to give a strategy, Factors

Using disrespectful language, The Behaviour, It's Causes, Mutual disrespect, Student with other students, Environment around them, Home, Solutions, What you want, Replace it, Language is not suitable, Strategy, Give students another outlet, forum at end of class, Take ownership of own behaviour, What's needed

Inappropriate Technology Use, The Behaviour, Using laptops inappropriately, Using incorrect websites, It's Causes, Power, Showing off, Escape, Solutions, What you want, Replace the behaviour, Strategy, List of websites, Give them choices, take laptop, Use different classroom layout, circular, Reinforce positive behaviours, Priviledge vs right

Off task behaviours that distracts self/others, The Behaviour, Girl who was distracting other students all the time, It's Causes, withdrawal from home, foster family, Belong to the group, Solutions, What you want, Reduce behaviour, Strategy, Parent teacher interview, After school activities, Excursion with the class, Team building activities, What's needed, Contract with student

Ignoring/ refusing instructions, The Behaviour, Laziness, argumentative, It's Purpose, It's Causes, Testing the boundaries, power struggles, Solutions, What you want, Eliminate, Strategy, Give them a choice, do it now or during timeout, Don't trust the teacher, find out why, Give 1 on 1 attention, Let the parents or coordinator know

Verbal Clowning, The Behaviour, Giving silly answers and contributions, It's Purpose, Disrupt the class, Self amusement, It's Causes, Attention seeking, Withdraw from task, Boredom, Social dynamics, Solutions, What you want, Reduce, Strategy, Ignoring behaviour, Joining in, Formalised consequences

Not interested/not engaged, The Behaviour, Withdrawal, It's Purpose, It's Causes, Parents not having expections, Teachers not trying hard enough, Peer pressure, power, No consequences, Solutions, What you want, Reduce at first, build up to elimination, Strategy, Breaking down the task into smaller chunks, Lowering the height of the tasks, Motivate the student, give them them the carrot, relate it to real world, School, Get real consequences

Off Task - not paying attention, The Behaviour, It's Purpose, It's Causes, Solutions, What you want, Strategy, What's needed, Factors

Building on the Positives

Identify behaviours you want to see from students

More independent learning


Cooperation with others

Active competition

Constructive comments

Helping other classmates

Thinking for themselves

Intrinsic Motivation

Good communication protocols

Consideration for others

No wrong answers

Waiting turns/raising hands



Productive class discussions


3 Behaviours I want


Intrinsic Motivation

Good communication protocols

My classroom

My classroom will have organised, intrinsically motivated students who can communicate effectively in a group environment

Starting the Year

Environment, Present students work, Furniture, Student groups

Preventative Measures, Engaging lessons, Intrinsically engaging

Relationships, Show genuine interest in students, Set the tone for the class



What happened

What did you see, Who did what, Who said what

What did it mean to those involved

How did it end

Tips, Do not justify your actions, Give definitive punctuation (? !), Direct Speech, Description rather than analysis