Asian Civilisation Museum - Indian Jali

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Asian Civilisation Museum - Indian Jali by Mind Map: Asian Civilisation Museum - Indian Jali

1. Inferences

1.1. Inference: It looks handmade

1.1.1. Evidence: The edges are quite rough Explanation: Humans at the time may have lacked tools to cut smooth edges

1.2. Inference: The artefact is religious

1.2.1. Evidence: The inscription references god Explanation: God is a religious being (In most beliefs)

1.3. Inference: It took a long time to make the artefact

1.3.1. Evidence: The object is quite large and has a complex detail It would take a long time to cut the complex detail

2. Relevant Facts

2.1. Dated AH 1305 (1887-1888)

2.2. Made of Sandstone

2.3. From India

2.4. Used to shade strong sunlight and allow air circulation

2.5. Contains inscription that reads: "God. Praise be to God. Faisal Ali Khan in the year 1305"

3. Civilization Inferences

3.1. Inference: There were many skilled craftsman

3.1.1. Evidence: The design is very complex Explanation: A regular person wouldn't be able to carve very complex designs

4. Thank you for listening!