Foundation Stone With Inscription

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Foundation Stone With Inscription by Mind Map: Foundation Stone With Inscription

1. Islam is a monotheistic religion, meaning its followers only believe that there is on god. Islam is also the the world's current 2nd largest religion with more than 24% of the world following the religon

1.1. Islams believe that there is only one god, Allah, all followers must follow the Five Pillars Of Islam, Shahada-Faith, Salat-Prayer, Zakāt-Charity, Sawm-Fasting and Hajj-Pilgrimage To Mecca

2. Relevant Facts

2.1. The stone was commissioned for a mosque

2.2. The first line of text invokes that God is the most merciful and compassionate

2.2.1. The second part states that the places of worship are for Allah, and Allah alone

2.3. The script used on the stone is very elegant

3. Inferences

3.1. Inference- The stone would have cost a lot

3.1.1. Evidence- The carving is very intricate Explanation- Because the stone is expensive it was commissioned by a builder Explanation- It suggests that they take religious activities very seriously

3.2. Inference- It is not an exterior wall/ceiling

3.2.1. Evidence- It looks quite clean and the inscriptions are clear and not weathered. Explanation- It is isolated from the elements because it was kept inside the mosque

3.3. Inference- The stone played an important religious role

3.4. Inference- The stone is not moved around much

3.4.1. Evidence- The stone is really large and heavy Explanation- So the stone was probably carved on site to avoid transportation.

3.5. Inference- The Islam is

4. Civilization Inferences- Ancient Islam

4.1. Inference- The Islamic took religion very seriously

4.1.1. Evidence- Because the artifacts like this used for religious purposes look like they took a long time and

4.2. Inference- Most Islamic items have a form of inscription, this will most likely be religious blessing

4.3. The everyday items used by the Islam were quite valuable and required craftsmanship to make

4.3.1. Evidence- These items require a large amount of craftsmanship to make and are ornately decorated,