Iran Mosque Mirhab Tile

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Iran Mosque Mirhab Tile by Mind Map: Iran Mosque Mirhab Tile

1. Inferences

1.1. Highly respected by muslims.

1.1.1. Represents God's presents People pray to God

1.2. Good Crafts Men

1.2.1. lots of detail. Takes god craftsmen to make detailed artifact.

1.3. Made of study material

1.3.1. Has lasted since 1322 AD Needs good material to last.

2. Relevant Facts

2.1. Hung in a mosque to represent one of the holiest city, Mecca.

2.2. Is faced toward while muslims pray.

2.3. Very detailed.

2.4. Very sturdy.

3. Civilization Inferences

3.1. good craftsmen.

3.1.1. Lots of detail. They would need a good craftsman.

3.2. Is Muslim

3.2.1. Prayed to God Other religions don't pray to God