Scribe items from the Ottamon Turkey

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Scribe items from the Ottamon Turkey by Mind Map: Scribe items from the Ottamon Turkey

1. Relevant Facts

1.1. These items are from Turkey during the Ottoman Empire.

1.2. It is made out of steel and gold

1.3. These items are used by Scribes

2. Inferences

2.1. Inference: These items are used to cut special items and used for a person with a very important class in the Empire.

2.1.1. Evidence: These items are made from steel and gold which was very expensive in the 14h century. Explanation: They use these items to get all the guts out of a rich person which could afford being mummified by scribes

2.2. Inference: This was carved by a very skilled artist especially appointed to the King.

2.2.1. Evidence: There are very small details that could make this scissors look majestic and that they could write inscriptions that small on a very delicate piece of art. Explanation: The King will search for the best carver in the Empire and summon it to his palace to carve this artefact.

2.3. Inference:

2.3.1. Evidence: The Ottoman empire conquered Egypt and some of the neighbouring countries around Turkey Explanation: Since Turkey is close to Egypt then maybe Turkey has got the culture from them.

3. Civilization Inferences (Ottoman Empire)

3.1. They were very rich

3.2. They had a good source of steel and gold

3.3. They had very good blacksmiths and carvers

3.4. This was a big empire

4. Scribes

4.1. Scribes are people who write down what the Emperor/pharaoh/leader said. Like if the king wants to change the law, the scribe will write down what the king said and would be read out to the land that the king was ruling

4.2. Scribes make copies of manuscripts before automatic printing.