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Quran Chest by Mind Map: Quran Chest

1. Relevant Facts

1.1. Made in Myanmar

1.2. From the late 19th century

1.3. Made from Lacquered wood, glass, metal and gold leaf

2. Inferences

2.1. Inference: This person was very rich

2.1.1. Evidence: Looks like it was made from gold and has a big gem at the top. Explanation: The person had to afford gold.

2.2. Inference: The person was very religious

2.2.1. Evidence: Lots of inscriptions Explanation: Inscriptions related to God

2.3. Inference: Preserved well

2.3.1. Evidence: Is in very good condition Explanation: Dosn't have big cracks or

3. Civilization Inferences

3.1. Inference: They had very skilled craftsmen

3.1.1. Evidence:Looks very good, Not like a kid made it Explanation:Because the work does not look crude or bad quality.

3.2. Inference: Access to expensive materials

3.2.1. Evidence: Uses gold and gems Explanation: To make this they would need lots of resources such as gold