Gleb Dirzu Master Plan

Gleb Dirzu - 11.21.2017 By Stephen Zhao

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Gleb Dirzu Master Plan by Mind Map: Gleb Dirzu Master Plan

1. Current status

1.1. 5-10k / month

1.1.1. Where does it come from? No marketing / sales. This company was established in June 2017. Very much focused bringing together the nutritionist and health professionals so no focus on sales. Friends and former clients They're paying $2-4K a client because they're not the US and pricing is different in those other countries. They had asthma and depression and other medical conditions. 8 people on a continuing basis - 3 of them with medical conditions. 5 of them are stress - BUT it comes with organizing their life, relationship and life coaching in general.

2. Biggest challenges

2.1. No sales online - delayed because he wants to work with professionals on this

2.2. He doesn't like to sell. He likes to to create learning experiences.



4.1. Webinar Script

4.2. send Stephen coaches for do 1-on-1 live list

4.3. Get video testimonials - through Pilots and Masterclasses in conference rooms in the next 2 months

4.4. Fill out questionnaire for the parenting program

4.5. Ask his existing clients

4.6. Ask salespeople to get feedback

5. USP

5.1. Stress, productivity, quality of life for entrepreneurs

5.1.1. At the consumer level NOT corporate like Thrive

5.2. Gleb's background

5.2.1. Martial arts, yoga and meditation. He started teaching meditation from age of 14.

5.3. Scientific backing with UCLA author and professor + synergy with Gleb's background in martial arts, yoga and meditation

6. Ads

6.1. Campaign objectives

6.1.1. Conversions

6.2. Targeting / ad sets

6.2.1. 100k minimum home value

6.3. Placements

6.3.1. desktop

6.3.2. mobile

6.4. Angles

6.4.1. Tony Robbins - Performance and stress-management go hand-in-hand

6.4.2. Biohacking - improve productivity and stress - nutrition based and tech

6.4.3. Science + meets yoga, martial arts and meditation

6.5. Creatives

6.5.1. Use video ads 2:3 for mobile 1:1 for desktop

6.5.2. Image Test static ads: 60-70 years old - couples (in front of home), etc.

6.6. KPI(s)

6.6.1. $80 per qualified lead

6.7. Daily ad spend budget

6.7.1. $20/day

6.8. Phase A

6.8.1. Keep testing different angles with the different funnels

6.8.2. Spend $1,000 minimum and look at the numbers CPC CTR CPL CPSS Conversion %

6.8.3. As soon as we have a solid 200-300% ROI campaign, move to Phase B

6.9. Phase B

6.9.1. Focus in on dialing in the ads by testing new creatives, videos, ad copies, headlines

6.9.2. Dial in the funnel as well split test headlines split test whole landing pages

6.9.3. As soon as we reach the threshold of maximum ROAS, move to Phase C

6.10. Phase C

6.10.1. Scale 15% every other day

6.10.2. Duplicate performing ad sets

6.10.3. Duplicate campaign, change optimisation to PPE / WC

6.10.4. Duplicate campaign and change the CC / pixel we optimise for

6.10.5. Discuss advanced strategies with Consultant

7. Offer(s)

7.1. $1500 if the client went with one time initial offer, $10k/year if person went with Prime subscription, estimate $50-70k through whole cycle if a premium client became a permanent customer

7.1.1. How many people out the initial offer sign up as a prime subscription?

7.2. Core offer 1

7.2.1. 1. "Advanced stress management", description on website:, full description:, the url we want to promote is now stil in evelopment on clickfunnels: Price: $10 for 6month (plus 6 Prime access) program, $5-10k/month for individual coaching. Existing materials USP: 3 pillars USP: 5 professionals USP: Methodology - Research backed 30 types of stress - big part of stress comes from communication with people USP: not the basic

7.2.2. take blood and develop a personalized nutritional - $10K / month for 6 months you get the same team, support coach (active listeners who they can call) and expertise INSTEAD of $10K / month live if he does 1-on-1 The outcome after the 6 months: guarantee get rid of permanent tiredness, you will feel motivated - if the problem related is stress related

7.3. Core offer 2

7.3.1. 2. "Advanced parenting for busy professionals" - Same price structure 1. Interpersonal relationship

7.3.2. $5K

8. Goal(s)

8.1. for premium programs - strategy call booking

8.2. Target monthly profit in 90 days? 50-100k

8.2.1. Why?

8.3. He doesn't feel comfortable building out sales and marketing - "I would rather build out learning experience".

8.4. Vision: 1) high-ticket 2) lower ticket automated sales and affiliates to sell our stuff 3) subscription membership site (it's actually a subscription model app)

9. Online Sales Process

9.1. 4 part funnel

9.1.1. 4 step: 1) Facebook ad 2) long form landing page 3) 45 mins automated webinar 4( application 45 free consultation (webinar is still being crafted)

10. Additional Assets

10.1. Facebook targeting research

10.2. He has a book coming out - in 2 months ready to publish - ghostwriter is writing it - 30 case studies - typical mistakes people

10.3. No video testimonials

10.4. YouTube Videos and podcast (not started yet)

11. Lowest Hanging Fruit

11.1. Email list

12. Audience

12.1. Really stressed, really looking for the solution * has the money to pay for the packages

12.2. No medically diagnosed depression, asthma, on prescription drugs, older than 60 years, and if they cannot exercise

13. Team

13.1. CF guy

13.2. Health professionals

14. Personal notes

14.1. Many years traveling training business people

14.2. Emerald - monotone voice, logical, sequential

14.3. Yoga teacher / spiritual teacher. His clients were medication, yoga, and social entrepreneurs. Rich people brought him into corporations to do training. He did not enjoy this. He had a business club 21 around wellness and health. He would bring business people into retreats for 5-8 days. Then there were follow-up programs.

14.4. Most of his past clients are Latin American and Spain

15. Market

15.1. Thrive - Ariana Huffington

15.1.1. They do corporations. NOT consumers.

15.2. Tony Robbins does performance and stress, Dave Asprey does biochacking productivity and stress

15.3. There are 1-on-1 live coaches, no online program.

16. Expectations

16.1. Open to LeadEvo creating the offer with him - open to changing offer if stress management is ok