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Phase 3 App by Mind Map: Phase 3 App

1. User Login

1.1. Activity Tracking

1.1.1. Steps

1.1.2. Climb( Floor)

1.1.3. Heart Rate Fat Burn Cardio Peak

1.1.4. Duration of Excerise

1.1.5. By Date

1.1.6. Apple Watch or Android Watch Integration

1.1.7. Distance

1.1.8. IMG_6468.PNG

1.2. Exercise Logging

1.2.1. Apple Watch or Android Watch Integration

1.2.2. Select Type pf excercise Body Builder Cardio

1.2.3. Measurement callories out Heart rate Heart Rate Heart Zone Cal Burnt duration Speed GPS Sport Specifig Tennis

1.2.4. By Date

1.3. Diet Tracking

1.3.1. Food Recording Select TIme Main Snack IMG_6451.PNG Select Menu Recent Favorite Search IMG_6453.PNG Food Card Menu Detail with CAL and nutrition (Cal, Fiber, Protein, Carbe , Sodium, Water, Fat) Quantity Serving Type Serving Size IMG_6757.PNG

1.3.2. Today Recomendation Should eat less today because yester ate alot

1.3.3. Reward If user meet goal

1.3.4. Daily Nutrition

1.4. Health Tip

1.4.1. Food Exchange

1.4.2. General

1.4.3. 11_Health Tips.jpg

1.5. Profile

1.5.1. HN Number

1.5.2. Trackcare Integration

1.5.3. IMG_6462.PNG

1.6. Chat with Dietitian

1.7. Dashboard

1.7.1. Diet calories in Slect Duration See detail of nutrition that contain in ca Nutrition

1.7.2. Exercise Calories Out Slect Duration Banchmark Percentile

1.7.3. IMG_6452.PNG

1.7.4. IMG_6457.PNG


2. Dietitian Login

2.1. Chat with Client

2.1.1. VDO Call

2.1.2. Text

2.1.3. Video

2.1.4. 15_Call Log_View.jpg

2.2. Profile

2.2.1. Doctor Code

2.2.2. Trackcare Integration

2.2.3. 06-_DoctorProfile-Profile.jpg

2.3. Add Food Card

2.4. View Customers whom belong to them

2.4.1. See All detail of client's diet

3. Doctor Login

3.1. View Customer Health Activity DAta

3.2. View Customer Diet Activity Data