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Eye of the tiger by Mind Map: Eye of the tiger

1. Setting

1.1. The setting is present time on the east coast of Africa

2. Main characters

2.1. Harry Bruce

2.2. Chubby

2.3. Angelo

2.4. Manny Resnick

2.5. Lorna page

2.6. Police woman

3. 5 line summary

3.1. Harry Fletcher (Harry Bruce) has a criminal background and decided to go to st. Mary's, to work on a boat and leave his past behind. His boat is called the wave dacer and, and has a crew, Chubby and Angelo. When to man in black showed up and offer him a large sum of money, he agreed to do buissnes with them, but ended up bleeding on his boat and killing 2 man. He was looking for the dawn light with the tiger throne, but wasn't the only one because his past catched up to him. Eventually he found the treasure and lived happily after after

4. Title explanation

4.1. The story is about the tiger throne and the biggest diamond is the eye of the tige

5. Minor characters

5.1. The president of st. Mary's

5.2. Jimmy North

5.3. The 2 men in black who killed Jimmy

5.4. Judith

6. Themes

6.1. Fiction

6.2. Adventure

7. Review

7.1. A treasure has rested on the bottom of the Indian Ocean, for thousands of years, guarded by great whites and deadly coral reefs. Harry Fletcher, a vetran and criminal, is being pulled into a murderous mystery. Now, Harry has no choice but to enter into a dangerous battle to raise an perculiar object from the sea. But this not only a quest about getting money, it is about surviving.

8. Favorite excerpt

8.1. My favorite exerpt was when the bad guys arrived at Old Man's island, because it added a lot of tention