Educational Apps

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Educational Apps by Mind Map: Educational Apps

1. Homework Help/Tutoring

1.1. Photomath

1.1.1. Utilizes your smart phone camera to take a picture of a math problem and receive an instant answer.

1.2. Kahn Academy

1.2.1. Videos and tutorials on just about any subject or concept. Can be accessed 24/7.

1.3. Ready4 SAT

1.3.1. Allows students to prepare for the SAT as well as other exams such as the ACT. In addition to practice questions, the app keeps track of student progress.

2. Research/Writing

2.1. Mendeley

2.1.1. Helps students to write papers by allowing them to search journal articles, organize notes and citations, all from one location.

2.2. TED

2.2.1. Database of talks, speeches, and conferences on a variety of subjects and content areas.

2.3. Easy Bib

2.3.1. Allows students to easily site their sources for multiple guidelines.

3. Class Quizzes/Assessment

3.1. Quizlet

3.1.1. Users can generate their own set of questions to create quizzes or flashcards. Users can then test themselves or others.

3.2. BrainPOP

3.2.1. Database of movies on various subjects and content areas. Each movie has an attached corresponding quiz. New movies are generated daily.

3.3. Kahoot

3.3.1. Allows teachers to easily generate classroom games and quizzes based on questions and answers supplied by the teacher.

4. Communication

4.1. Teach Learn Lead

4.1.1. Allows educators to network with other educators from their content area or grade level.

4.2. Remind

4.2.1. A way for teachers to communicate with students and parents. Messages can be translated into 70 different languages allowing communication with non English speaking parents.

4.3. Classtree

4.3.1. Allows parents to e-sign forms such as permission slips for upcoming field trips.