Citizenship Orientation

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Citizenship Orientation by Mind Map: Citizenship Orientation

1. Audrey

1.1. Cultural transformation

1.1.1. Help others less fortunate

1.1.2. Active citizen gets involved

1.1.3. Honouring heart of all individuals

1.2. Personal development

1.2.1. Respct for daughter's actions

1.2.2. Dinner out - stretched her regular limitations

1.3. Respecting diversity

1.3.1. Went out for dinner, and respected those people and their traditions

1.3.2. Honouring heart of all individuals

2. Alicia

2.1. social scientists

2.1.1. Globally active human rights

2.2. Personal development

2.2.1. Worked for human rights for personal development as well

2.3. Global citizenship

2.3.1. Worked abroad and sees citizenship as important globally

2.3.2. Human rights world wide

2.4. Cultural transformation

2.4.1. Write letter to take action politically

2.4.2. leaders of social justice for oppressed groups; make sure they get freedom as well

3. Dr. Amy von Keyking

3.1. Cultural transformation

3.1.1. democratic citizens

3.1.2. make a difference in the community this is just a begining

3.1.3. democracy

3.1.4. commitment to community and world

4. Frederick

4.1. personal development

4.1.1. "One's undertaking beneficial to himself personally, as well as to Canada"

4.2. Cultural transformation

4.2.1. active Canadianship (differs among people)

4.3. Respect Diverstiy

4.3.1. Defending rights, but respecting others' differences

4.3.2. Speaks about identiies within the collective identity