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06/01 - Introduction to Research in Education by Mind Map: 06/01 - Introduction to
Research in Education
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06/01 - Introduction to Research in Education

Research Types



Choices, Scales, Likert Scale, eg. 1 -5

Mixture, Semantic Differential, Weather, Cold, Hot

Telephone Surveys

Focus Groups


Medical/ Scientific Research


In Education

Desktop, Literature reviews

Experimental research, Used in science, Before vs after research

Quantitative, NAPLAN

Qualitative, Case studies

Action Research

What is Research




Doing the research


Writing it up

Why do we need Research?


Their view: Experience counts, theory doesn't

Used to make informed decisions to improve practice


Used to make informed decisions to improve outcomes


Action Research

Process for improving your teaching and students learning

8 Features

1. Identifying 1 or more specific problems

2. Investigate the Problem, Exactly what is the problem?, What are the students doing/not doing?, Include literature review

3. Review the Literature

4. Choose an Intervention/ Approach, Will 'x' be an effective response to my problem?

5. Determining Implementation and Monitoring Procedures

6. Implementation

7. Evaluation

8. What Next??

Action Research Model

Is a cycle, Usually more than 1 loop

Has several stages, Each within the loops


General Notes

Anything that requires you to survey students requires ethics approval

Research should be on your own teaching practice to avoid offending the school