This is my chapter 1 Mindmap

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TWC301 by Mind Map: TWC301

1. Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing

1.1. Use information, writing, and reading for inquiry, learning, thinking, and communicating

1.1.1. makes your presentation stronger with voice (2) as well as how you balance your web page (4)

1.1.2. allows you to have an understanding as to what is important (3) You can use these points more throughout the assignment (6)

1.2. Integrate previously held beliefs, assumptions, and knowledge with new information and the ideas of others to accomplish a specific purpose within a context

1.2.1. Need to cite so you do not use someone elses work (copyright)

2. Knowledge of Conventions

2.1. Learn common formats for different genres

2.1.1. helps have balance in your presentation (2) The design will be stronger and presented better (6) Your visual should catch the attention of your audience (7)

2.2. Develop knowledge of genre conventions ranging from structure and paragraphing to tone and mechanics

2.2.1. this allows repetition (3)

2.3. Understand and apply legal and ethical uses of information and technology including copyright and intellectual property

2.3.1. Align on bottom of page so it isnt the main focus on the website (5) shows better layout/flow (7)

3. Peronal Goals

3.1. How to integrating my own life situations smootjly into my presentations

3.1.1. helps with sensitivity (3) Need to use a patent to protect the ideas (copyright)

3.1.2. makes the information more personal and could be an eye opener (3)

3.2. Researching the different genre formats

3.2.1. helps have better emphasis on your presentation adds balance (4) Align when designing with a grid will help with balance and alignment (5)

4. Rhetorical Knowledge

4.1. Identify, articulate, and focus on a purpose

4.1.1. Make sure you document where you got the information from (copyright)

4.2. Respond to the need of an audience

4.2.1. The audience will be able to get your points better if you add in repetition (6)

4.3. Respond to different rhetorical situations

4.3.1. you need to figure out how to properly draw the attention to the audience (2) Can do this verbally, and also by proportion on your page (4)

4.4. Use conventions of format and structure

4.5. appropriate voice, tone, and level of formality

4.5.1. this does along with knowing what you want to say, and what message you want to put across(3) Help you have a better illusion when talking, as well as for the layout of your page (4)

4.6. Write in multiple genres

4.6.1. depends on the audience and the message you are trying to convey(2) can allow a better closure (6)

4.7. Use appropriate technologies to organize, present, and communicate information

4.7.1. helps have better "voice" (2)

5. Processes

5.1. Understand that it usually takes multiple drafts to create and complete a successful text

5.1.1. This is about the design of the website or the information, it takes a few times to get the design format correct (2) repeating the design makes it stronger (6)

5.2. Develop flexible strategies for generating, revising, editing, and proof-reading

5.2.1. helps to proof read your design, and make sure that you do not miss any details (3) make sure the design is catchy, to keep your audience in track with your presentation (7)

5.3. Understand the collaborative and social aspects of research and writing processes

5.3.1. This is going to make your presentation flow better (7)

5.4. Use appropriate technologies to manage data and information collected or generated for future use

5.4.1. When managing data, make sure it is all set up correctly with alignment to make it professional (5)

6. Personal Goals

6.1. What technology is appropriate to use in a professional atmosphere

6.1.1. this shows that we need to know who our audience is so we are having the website correct (2)

6.1.2. depends on the audience (3) depends on how you will balance your page, due to their likings (4) better alignment with the slides (5)

6.1.3. You need to have flow. Without flow, the reader will not be lead from one spot to another (7)

6.2. Broaden knowledge on the different Genres

6.2.1. having to be able to figure out the correct way of maping out ideas (3) Allows weights to be dispursed (4) Duplicating your main points in the process (6)