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1. Meniscus

1.1. Apley's Compression

1.1.1. Prone, knee 90 press meniscus down & rotate leg

1.2. McMurray

1.2.1. Supine, hip & knee flexed Hold ankle with lower leg lifted. think "squeezing out a dish towel" where rotation of tibia occurs internallo/externally while the opposite varus/valgus force applied

1.3. Bragard's Sign

1.3.1. Supine, hip & knee flexed one hand stabilizes proximal to knee other hand extern rotates while extending knee

2. IT Band

2.1. Noble

2.1.1. Side lying Client extends top leg straight back Therapist presses into femoral condyle and extends knee to 30°

3. Patella

3.1. McConnell

3.1.1. Seated, legs dangling Client actively flexes to 120° Client externally rotates thigh &contracts

3.1.2. Waldron's Standing Client actively slowly bends knees

3.1.3. Ballottable Patella Supine, leg extended to assess for fluid in jt capsule

4. Collateral Ligaments

4.1. Medial & Lateral

4.1.1. Valgus Stress Test

4.1.2. Valgus Stress Test

4.1.3. Apley's Distraction Prone, knee 90 therp knee on post thigh yoink tibia upwards & rotate

5. Cruciate Ligaments

5.1. Anterior

5.1.1. Lachman's Supine, leg flexed 30° Therp draws tib anteriorly +ve = excessive ant motion

5.1.2. Anterior Drawer Supine, leg flexed 90° Ther sits on foot and yoinks the tibia forward

5.1.3. Posterior Posterior Sag Supine, knee & hip flexed Posterior Drawer Supine, knee & hip flexed