Mobile Apps for Schools

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Mobile Apps for Schools by Mind Map: Mobile Apps for Schools

1. Tools for Learning

1.1. Video Apps

1.1.1. TED Share and watch inspirational and informational videos.

1.1.2. Edpuzzle Make learning more engaging by introducing your students to this app. It allows you to transform videos into a whole lesson my adding commentary, explanations, and questions.

1.1.3. BrainPop Animated videos for students with quizzes to check for understanding.

1.1.4. Khan Academy Numerous videos and readings to teach students about almost any topic they are learning about.

1.1.5. YouTube Find millions of videos that will allow students to better visualize what they are learning. You can also use videos from YouTube to make your Edpuzzle lessons.

1.2. Reviewing Apps

1.2.1. Quizlet Students can create flashcards, play learning games, and review for their tests or quizzes.

1.2.2. Kahoot Great competitive review game! Students get to practice what they learned with an engaging and friendly competition.

1.2.3. StudyBlue App with thousands of pre-made flashcards. Students can also create their own deck to study with.

1.3. Instructional Apps

1.3.1. Google Classroom Create, share, and grade assignments for all your students. Keep your classroom organized in one place that has endless tools within it!

1.3.2. Nearpod Lecture tool that completely transforms your classroom. Have control of your students device screens as you and your class progress through the slides. Students can also draw, do activities, and answer questions along the way.

1.3.3. Mission US Make history come alive with Mission US history games! See what it was like to live in that time period. There games from multiple time periods in United States history,

2. Tools for Classroom Management

2.1. Doceri

2.1.1. App that allows you to control your Smartboard from your IPad.. You can be anywhere in the room and still draw, write, and move things around on your Smartboard. This allows you to better keep an eye on your students while still teaching.

2.2. Class Dojo

2.2.1. Classroom management tool that allows you to monitor student behavior. You can give points to students for positive behaviors or take them away for unwanted behaviors.

3. Tools for Communication

3.1. Remind

3.1.1. This app helps to keep the parents up to date on announcements, information, and important notifications.

3.2. Google Drive

3.2.1. You can share and collaborate with students, colleagues, parents, and administrators.

3.3. Seesaw

3.3.1. Show off student work and keep families involved in their student's learning!

3.4. Twitter

3.4.1. Easy app to use for your PLN. Share new ideas, articles, or what is going on in your classroom.

3.5. Instagram

3.5.1. Photograph driven app that you can use to share the exciting events going on in and around your school!