Design Principles

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Design Principles by Mind Map: Design Principles

1. Visualisation

1.1. explain complex things

1.1.1. features explained by their representation on UI

1.2. valuable changes are Visible and

1.3. Pure geometric

2. Powerfull

2.1. Complexity equal to uniquity

2.2. Accesible

2.2.1. comprehensible

2.2.2. clear structure and navigation

2.2.3. Discoverability

2.3. learning

3. evolution (constantly changes)

3.1. Consistensy

3.1.1. Universal forms

3.2. Relasionships

3.2.1. common feachures WYSIWYG

3.3. ability to change

3.4. Decision explainable

3.5. functionality family ties

4. Transparency and honesty

4.1. Our content is honest.

4.2. Our software does not hide problems and does not obscure things. It’s behavior is explainable and introspection is one of the function.

4.3. materials do not advertise and promote, but inform and explain

4.4. do not hide problems

5. Nature

6. Function