Business organisation structure, functions and governance

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Business organisation structure, functions and governance by Mind Map: Business organisation structure, functions and governance

1. Good management

2. Independence

3. Accountability

4. Integrity

5. Business organisation structure and strategy

5.1. Informal organisation

5.1.1. Benefits Employee commitment Knowledge sharing Speed Responsiveness Co-operation

5.2. Organisational structure

5.2.1. Mintzberg's 5 components Strategic apex Operating core Middle line Technostructure Support staff

5.3. Levels of strategy

5.3.1. Corporate

5.3.2. Business

5.3.3. Operational/Functuonal

6. Organisational culture and committees

6.1. Elements of culture

6.1.1. Observable

6.2. Types of culture

6.2.1. Power culture

6.2.2. Role culture

6.2.3. Task culture

6.2.4. Person culture

6.3. Committees

6.3.1. Purpose Creating new ideas Communication Democratic Combining abilities Co-ordination Representation Recommendations

6.3.2. Types Executive committee Ad-hoc committee Sub-committees Joint committees Management committees Standing committees

7. Corporate governance and social responsibility

7.1. Poor corporate governance features

7.1.1. Domination by single individual

7.1.2. Lack of supervision

7.1.3. Emphasis on short-term profitability

7.2. Corporate social responsibility(CSR)

7.2.1. Strategies Proactive strategy Reactive strategy Defense strategy Accommodation strategy

7.3. Role of the board

7.3.1. Chairman

7.3.2. Chief executive

7.3.3. Company secretary

7.3.4. Non-executive directors Strategy Performance Risk