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Hadi by Mind Map: Hadi

1. How to start !

1.1. Dear Mrs !

1.2. Dear Sir or Madam

2. What I want ?

2.1. I'm writing regarding your advertisement for the valet job

2.2. I'm writing in reponse to your job annoucement for a valet position at "162 rue de france" in Nice

3. How to end

3.1. Yours sincerely

4. Hope

4.1. I look forward to hearing you soon

5. Introduce my self.

5.1. My name is Hadi I'm 15 years old, curre,tly I am at Junior High School student.

6. Thank

6.1. Thank you very much for your time and attention

7. Why did I choose this job ?

7.1. I'm interested in this position job because I love drive with a lot of cars and if you choose me, It's going be a nice choice for your shop because I love cars and discover the new technology in the luxury cars !

8. availability

8.1. I can work all days from 8:30AM to 7:45PM and the weekends from 1:00PM to 6:00PM

9. abilities

9.1. I can drive with all cars, all powers at all time and all weather

10. Skills/qualities

10.1. Everybody says I'm hard worker, I can speak 4 languages: French, English, Arabic and German. I'm handyman and friendly person.

11. What I like doing ?

11.1. I love drive and I have often droven with my dad's car, I love boxing, I practice them. I'm outdoors person, I always go to the cinema and I make karting with my friends all sunday.