Reasons for immigrating

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Reasons for immigrating by Mind Map: Reasons for immigrating

1. 1850's : Britain's low salaries

1.1. American industrial revolution

1.1.1. American industries needed skilled workers high pay

1.1.2. British workers had these skills didn't earn much money could earn more money in America hundreds of thousands came to America

2. 1840-1850 : famine in Ireland

2.1. Ireland suffered famine

2.2. hungry men had to leave

2.3. America = last hope

2.3.1. in 1850 alone 117 000 Irish people came to the US most had no money little education

3. Hard times : no jobs in Europe

3.1. Example : Poland

3.1.1. example of a Polish farmer no job no money a wife 9 children he wants to work he wants to emigrate

3.2. Example : England

3.2.1. no work in England hundreds of people were starving in London and other English cities victims of the revolutions in agriculture and industry

3.3. Organisations to help people immigrate to the USA

4. Violence against the Jews in Southern and Eastern Europe

4.1. Russia

4.2. Poland

4.3. Violence against Jews caused them to move to America

5. In the late 1880's : Italy

5.1. cholera spreads through much of Southern Italy

5.1.1. fear of the disease many families decided to leave for the US

5.2. government began to build up strong armies

5.2.1. young men didn't want to be soldiers escaped by moving to America

5.2.2. big armies were costly many people left because they didn't want to pay the high taxes