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Technology Help by Mind Map: Technology Help

1. Microsoft Word

1.1. Insert an Equation

1.2. Create an Organizational Tool using SmartArt

1.3. Adding a Watermark

2. Microsoft Excel

2.1. Keeping a Bank Record

2.2. Creating an Attendance Chart

3. Interact/First Class

3.1. Create a New Message

3.2. Create a Folder

3.3. Create a Signature

4. Microsoft Publisher

4.1. Create a Calendar of Events

4.2. Create an Invitation for a Banquet

5. Easy Grade Pro

5.1. Setting up Grades

5.2. Combining Terms

5.3. Adding/Deleting Assignments

6. Graphing Calculator

6.1. Plotting a Scatter Plot

6.2. Finding Linear Regression Equation and Linear Correlation

6.3. Finding a 5-Number Summary