Linking Words

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Linking Words by Mind Map: Linking Words

1. So

1.1. Entonces

1.1.1. So this is the end of our relationship?

2. Besides

2.1. Además

2.1.1. And besides, I adore romantic movies

3. Although

3.1. Aunque

3.1.1. Although it was late i can finish my homework

4. Because of/Owing to

4.1. A causa de

4.1.1. I have a lot of homework because of my math class

5. Therefore

5.1. Por lo tanto

5.1.1. My dog ​​ran out of food, therefore, we had to go out and buy more.

6. Whereas

6.1. Mientras que

6.1.1. Conflict is easy, whereas reconciliation is difficult

7. In order to

7.1. A fin de

7.1.1. You became so selfish in order to prove yourself...

8. Neither

8.1. No, tampoco

8.1.1. And neither could she

9. Too

9.1. También

9.1.1. I love you too.