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Disucss by Mind Map: Disucss

1. `Glympse

1.1. What is Glympse

1.2. How Glympse Works

1.3. Cost

1.3.1. How much will it cost?

1.4. Why should people use it?

1.5. Training Staff Members on how to use the software

1.5.1. Money Time

1.6. Can I have a tracking device via Glympse?

2. Parrot Devices

2.1. Cost

2.1.1. How much will it cost to download the software

2.2. What are they?

2.2.1. Bluetooth Devices Do they allow connection to things?

2.3. What is the use?

2.3.1. Purpose?

2.4. Can a business use it?

2.4.1. Audience?

2.5. How long will they last?

2.6. Do they need Internet Connection?

3. `Scope

3.1. What is included?

3.2. What is Excluded?

3.3. Components

4. Schedule

4.1. Deadlines

4.1.1. Will the deadline be missed or not?

4.2. How long will it take?

4.2.1. Time Constraints

5. Constraints

5.1. Budgets

5.1.1. How much money will the company have to spend

5.2. Deadlines

5.2.1. Will the deadline/deadlines be missed or not?

5.3. Requirements

5.3.1. What is required?


6.1. Using phones in cars

6.2. Tracking People's Journeys

6.3. Having a phone in your hand whilst driving


7.1. People breaking the Law of using a mobile phone in a vehicle

7.2. Does the Bluetooth work in the Empolyee's car?