Unit 19 Project

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Unit 19 Project by Mind Map: Unit 19 Project

1. MD of the company

1.1. always trying to make efficiencies and tries to always save money

1.2. he goes on the road a lot

1.3. has several companies

1.4. just had a chat with your supervisor, and told him that he uses the phone in his car

1.4.1. via Bluetooth sometimes, it doesn't connect, and then he just uses the phone with his hand he never been caught while driving, and he would just pay the fine if he was to be caught

1.4.2. has come across an app called Glympse, allowing to let people track where he is he expects his engineers to always answer the phone when he calls (if he buys them all parrot Bluetooth devices)

2. IT company

2.1. 50 mobile engineers

2.2. 12 workshop engineers

2.3. repair and replace broken equipment

3. your Supervisor

3.1. has asked for an approximate cost of equipping all the engineers with smartphones capable of running Glympse

4. identify

4.1. app issues (includes 4G coverage, time tracking, phone power drops, and impact of phone needing to be plugged into a charger permanently due to a broken battery)

5. research laws (data protection act, etc.)

5.1. that's because engineers are worried about breaking them if the Bluetooth device fails