Pass the Pickens Plan

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Pass the Pickens Plan by Mind Map: Pass the Pickens Plan

1. Natural Gas is abundant in the United States

1.1. Recent discoveries have uncovered shale deposits that could give us ample natural gas supply for the next 100 years

1.2. These deposits have been discovered in more than 22 of our states and new technologies are allowing us to find more.

2. Natural Gas could easily replace oil

2.1. There are already more than 10 million natural gas vehicles in use in the world

2.2. Only 130,000 of these vehicles are in the United States

2.3. Truckers travel on major routes where natural gas stations could be put into place

2.4. A gallon of compressed natural gas provided the same MPG as a gallon of regular gasoline

3. Energy Independence

3.1. In 2008 the U.S. spent $475 Billion on imported oil

4. Natural Gas is much cleaner

4.1. Carbon Dioxide emissions are reduced by 30-40% when used in heavy duty engines

4.2. Natural gas produces 22-29% less greenhouse gases than diesel or gasoline powered vehicles

5. Subisdies in place for oil companies could be used to create infrastructure for natural gas