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Preventative Health Care by Mind Map: Preventative Health Care
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Preventative Health Care

Health Care Reform


Cost/Benefit Analysis

Preventative Health Care can help to spot serious conditions prior to them becoming full blown. Illness such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are responsible for 7 out of every 10 deaths Americans face each year. These can all be spotted early.

Covered Preventative Care

  Just a few of the 'preventative care' service that the new health care bill will include are as follows. - Blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol tests. - Cancer Screenings - Flu shots - Pap smears

Eliminates Co-Pays For Preventative Care

Benefits Of Preventative Care


Societal Benefits

Financial Benefits

Public Opinion


Nation Is Warming To Public Health Care

Even those who were skeptical of public health care are starting to see the possible benefits that can come from such a program. This isn't to say there isn't opposition, rather that those who used to not be a fan are starting to see how preventative health care can benefit us as a nation.